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Funeral Announcements

Welcome to The Levertons Book. Click below to view recent funeral announcements or search for an entry by entering the surname into the search box at the top of the page.

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Book of Remembrance

This book is a safe place where you can create a page to share fond memories and photos, celebrating the life of your loved one. You can invite family and friends to add stories, photographs and videos to your celebration page no matter where they are in the world.

You can navigate the book by using the arrow buttons on either side of the book, or by clicking the page corners.

To search for an individual, you can either enter their name into the search box above or turn the pages of the book. To create a celebration page, please click on the name of the individual and enter the unique code your Funeral Director has provided to you.

Names with a Celebration symbol next to them already have a celebration page set up, which you can view by clicking on the name. You can also add a short message or a longer tribute to the person which will be visible on the celebration page, by selecting either option.

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